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"What's Keeping You From Climbing Routes That Truly Inspire You?"
Dear New Climber Friend,
Can I ask you a favor?

You probably already know that I'm addicted to learning how to help you climb better. It's an itch I just can't fix!

I've spent a couple of years putting together philosophy and a road map to helping ALL climbers improve their personal climbing abilities. This is a hard task and for some reason, I'm dumb enough to think that I can accomplish this goal!

I've shared this with quite a few climbers now and the feedback has been awesome! I'm starting to feel that it might be ready for the public. 

Do you mind putting in your name and email? I will give you free access as soon as the first draft is ready. The only thing I want from you is your feedback... Is that fair enough?

If so, then answer the question and enter your name and email. Thank you. 


P.S. I need to hurry up because Y'all are wanting to know more!! 
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What's Keeping You From Climbing Like You Want To?
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